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Evercraft Ecotechnologies - Pioneering Decarbonization & Environmental Advancements

In Collaboration with AGT –
Agency for Green Technologies

Evercraft Ecotechnologies is passionately dedicated to promoting and realizing exceptional projects in the field of decarbonization and environmental technologies. Our unwavering focus is on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, efficiently utilizing resources, environmentally friendly production of high-tech materials, and notably, the protection and preservation of our environment.

As we embark on this journey, Evercraft is currently in the pre-launch phase, closely collaborating with the esteemed Agency of Green Technologies (AGT) to create new future markets for their groundbreaking technologies LTC (Low Temperature Conversion) and ACA (Advanced Carbon Absorption).

In collaboration with AGT –
Agency for Green Technologies

Unlocking Tomorrow's Materials
CNTs, Graphene & Green Hydrogen

Embark on a journey to discover the materials that will shape the future – Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs), Graphene, and green hydrogen.

Projections suggest a market size of $250 billion by 2030, with CNTs and Graphene taking center stage. These high-tech materials boast strength 100 times that of steel at only 1/6th of the weight, coupled with higher conductivity than diamond. Their exceptional properties have the potential to revolutionize entire industries, creating novel markets spanning biomedicine, chip technology, and renewable energies.

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research underscores the significance, stating, ‚CNTs could significantly accelerate future economic dynamics.‘ However, prevailing production methods are plagued by expense, environmental harm, and inconsistent quality in large quantities. Enter a transformative era.

Pioneering ACA Technology
Joining the Green Revolution

After more than a decade of rigorous research led by Manfred Lenzi and the AGT team in collaboration with Scotland’s elite St. Andrews University and investor Mario Wagner, a breakthrough has been achieved.

Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) and Graphene can now be produced globally in an environmentally friendly and CO2-neutral manner, thanks to the patented ACA (Advanced Carbon Absorption) technology.

This revolutionary method comes at a fraction of the current market price while maintaining a consistent purity of 99.97%. The process utilizes any type of organic waste and gases, including CO2, through catalyst application. A noteworthy by-product of this production is green hydrogen, poised to become a significant player in the future industry landscape.

This development heralds a new Kondratieff wave, and Manfred Lenzi’s vision is to involve as many people as possible in this revolutionary idea.

CertiK is Web3’s leading smart contract auditor and provides a comprehensive suite of tools to secure the industry at scale.

Be a Part of Evercraft Ecotechnologies
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Step into the Evercraft Ecotechnologies community, seize the chance to shape our future, and enhance your profits by acquiring $ECET-Tokens.

Evercraft opens doors for investment in the Evercraft Ecotechnologies Token ($ECET), offering potential gains from $ECET token price fluctuations and rewarding staking opportunities tied to the platform’s Project.

Exciting ventures lie ahead, with Evercraft exploring the launch of captivating projects on the ECET-Token or potential tokenizations based on thematic relevance. This promises ongoing participation avenues, granting early token holders exclusive privileges. Every $ECET-Token holder plays a pivotal role in crafting a sustainable and prosperous future for everyone. Join us in driving positive change with every $ECET-Token you own! Moreover, Evercraft is built on the Constellation DAG Metagraph, recording CO2 emissions and issuing environmental certificates as NFTs, further solidifying our commitment to environmental sustainability.


Our revolutionary token in detail

$ECET in detail:
We empower YOU

Explore the role of the $ECET-Token at the heart of Evercraft. This token serves as the driving force behind transactions within our platform.

As an $ECET holder, you gain the power to actively participate in shaping the future of Evercraft through governance influence. Enjoy exclusive staking privileges, contributing to the stability and security of our network while earning rewards.

With utility continually expanding, $ECET unlocks access to premium features, discounts, and exclusive offerings within the Evercraft platform. Looking ahead, our roadmap includes a strategic shift from the ERC20 standard to the L0 standard from Constellation, ensuring enhanced utility and scalability for the $ECET-Token.

Why is an ERC20 wallet needed?

… if this is an Constellation Network token? $ECET begins its journey as an ERC20 token. Why, you ask? Well, starting as an ERC20 provides increased liquidity and broadens our accessibility for listing on various exchanges, ensuring a robust and dynamic ecosystem for our community.

Looking Ahead: As the L0 standard from Constellation gains more adoption and prominence, Evercraft has plans to transition to L0 with the utility token.

This strategic move aligns with our commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and ensuring the best possible utility for our token within the Evercraft ecosystem. We are planning to launch our metagraph to validate the amount of CO2 saved by the LTC plant. This will make it possible to transparently track the amount saved and which units are currently in use.

But what is the
Constellation Network?

The Constellation Network pioneers blockchain solutions, addressing challenges faced by businesses in implementing this technology. It introduces a Layer-0 protocol, forming the foundation for blockchain businesses.

Utilizing a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) structure, Constellation ensures infinite scalability, secured by the DAG token. The Layer-0 structure enables state channels, advanced versions of smart contracts, supporting various solutions like blockchains and decentralized exchanges.

The technology behind the scenes: The Hypergraph Network (HGTP) utilizes cutting-edge technology, employing a distributed ledger system known as a directed acyclic graph (DAG) protocol. This innovative platform incorporates a unique Proof of Reputable Observation (PRO) consensus model. Hypergraph operates as a feeless decentralized network designed for seamless $DAG cryptocurrency transfers.

Constellation fosters real-world business integration into crypto economies with its user-friendly framework, gas-free transactions, and secure data streams. Partnerships with the US Air Force, Amazon Web Services, and Quant Network contribute to technology development and adoption. Collaborating with Synapse Network, Constellation aims to establish a regulated financial institute, introducing opportunities for DeFi-based projects. While the DAG token exhibits volatility in its price, Constellation remains at the forefront of innovative blockchain solutions, shaping the future of decentralized finance.

$ECET Tokenomics

The $ECET-Token serves as the native coin for all interactions within the Evercraft Ecotechnologies Ecosystem.

It will launch as an L0 Token, adhering to the token standard in the Constellation ($DAG) Network. Therefore, it will go live with instant utility, accessibility, and zero fees for transfer or stake.

The $ECET-Token stands as the cornerstone within the dynamic ecosystem of Evercraft Ecotechnologies, functioning as a multifaceted currency on the integrated marketplace where a myriad of groundbreaking products, including Carbon Certificates and complete environmental systems, are thoughtfully tokenized.

With a total allocation of 900,000,000 tokens, this ecosystem is meticulously designed to ensure equitable benefits across diverse stakeholders. Token holders play a crucial role in the financing of Evercraft’s inaugural commercial ACA facility, a Large-Scale Proof-Of-Concept poised to revolutionize the production of Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene. As part of the tokenomics, a circulating supply of 50% is strategically distributed among the team, advisors, development, marketing, and stake pool allocations.

The token’s initial price, set at 0.05, has seen incremental adjustments correlated with significant project milestones and currently stands at 0.0746 as of February 2024.
The community also has the opportunity to lock their tokens for staking, earning attractive Staking Rewards with an Annual Percentage Yield (APY) that varies based on the chosen lock-in period – 4.9% APY for 12 months, 6.5% APY for 24 months, and 8.9% APY for 36 months. These Staking Rewards are distributed regularly in the form of additional tokens, offering an enticing avenue for the community to yield substantial returns on their investments.

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the team

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Holger Kuhlmann
Co-Founder & CEO

Mario Wagner



Find all the detailed information about this project in our official whitepaper.

Evercraft Ecotechnologies now extends an exclusive invitation to participate in the first commercial ACA facility – join us in making history.
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